Country Life & Advice

Enjoy the short Country Life & Advice videos below. If you’d like to see a tip on specific subject, please let us know!

Dog Food Tips!

Choosing the right dog food could assist with ‘itch-free’ skin.


Sexing Chickens

You ever wonder how to tell the difference between a male of female chick? Watch this helpful tip from Shar-Kare to find out!

Laying Eggs

Nothing beats fresh eggs in the morning!

Watch the video for a little friendly advice on egg laying.


The Right Fence

Whether you are trying to keep your animals in, keep predators out, or simply want some privacy; all these factors will play a role in determining the right fence for you.

Watch the video for some fencing advice from Shar-Kare. If you have any questions, please come visit us and ask any of our friendly, knowledgeable staff!

Baby Chicks

Baby chicks are affectionate little animals that can be truly rewarding.

Watch the video for a little friendly advice on raising your chicks!


Preparing Your Lawn

Ever wonder how to get that nice green lush lawn in the summer? Watch the video for a few tips on how to get your lawn healthy this year!